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Stella Singles is the unique destination for singles on the web. Our goal is to help singles find their way in the world, just like shining stars in the sky. They can mingle, communicate and get answers to their most burning questions.

Whether you have questions about dating and relationships or your spiritual path, would like to start your own business or simply communicate with other like-minded singles, we're happy to be a resource for you. We know the kinds of challenges that today's singles may encounter in the world and are hoping that the information you find on our site will help you navigate the waters of singledom. Plus, by sharing similar thoughts or having a Q&A subject you are passionate about, you may have a chance to meet your soulmate, or a friend, or a penpal. You just never know! Please tell your friends about us and have them use our site as a resource. We are singles ourselves and are hoping that this will unite all singles globally as well as provide support for those who need it.

We all are stars and we all desire to shine as brightly as we can. Let us find that light in ourselves and in others and join the millions of those already shining brightly.




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