Have you noticed how sometimes, when you don't mean what you're saying, or you're trying to sugarcoat things, people react badly? You may say "Oh, but I was polite and friendly", but if your message really wasn't, then you shouldn't expect any different. Too often people hide behind cowardish emails  and conversations, trying to keep up the appearances. But then, when the recipient receives the message, he will sense that it's just that, sugarcoating. He will unde… Read More
Tags: personal growth, self help for singles, sincere relationships
Stella's Advice
Sometimes friendships fall apart because one friend triggers a reaction from another and they just can't work it out. Often, one person notices some shortcoming or flaw in the other's personality and before you know it, he or she judges the friend and decides to break off their relationship. This is where you want to be careful before making any major leaps. Friends are very valuable in one's lifetime and you need to be careful not losing them due to some silly misunde… Read More
Tags: self help, singles help, personal growth
Astrology, horoscopes . . . We see those words everywhere, we believe in them or we don't . . . But what exactly is Astrology? We still don't know the full extent of information and insight that are possible with astrology. And we also need to believe in astrology so that it can become a tool to be able to make the right decisions out of an ocean of possibilities, whether in love, work, health or money. It can help steer us on the right path of wellness, to go on … Read More
Tags: astrology for singles, astrology life questions and answers, life path decisions
Personal Growth for Singles
Do you remember the happiest moments in your life? Are they far and few between your daily struggles? Would you like to feel that happiness is not out of reach? Then Happy For No Reason, by Marci Shimoff, may be the book for you. Turns out, we each have our own happiness set-point. Some of us are naturally happier than others. It seems like a desperate situation if you happen to have a low happiness set-point. But the good news is that you can raise it by appl… Read More
Tags: personal growth, self help, self help books, spirituality, spiritual growth
By Tim Braun, Spiritual Medium
From the deepest reaches of my heart and soul, To the highest love of Heaven. I pray for a healing of my financial situation. I reach a hand to the abundance of the Universe, And pray that I learn to transform my fear into possibility. Let me open to all the good that exists in this world. I lift my head up to the sun And pray that I am inspired to turn darkness into light. Let me raise myself up beyond my problems. I look toward the future and what-could-be A… Read More
Our society today rewards exterior tokens of good behavior, polite manners and smiles. What this really means is that people bank on their and others' exterior appearance, while backstabbing others in the mean time. What's even worse is that people are so conditioned to look for those fake smiles and manners that they often don't see through what's going on in reality. Our 21st century that we live in is the century of awakening. It's the century of masses becoming mor… Read More
Tags: truth, genuine, personal growth, smiles, navigating life
We may be single, but we are not alone in this world. Most of us have parents, siblings, friends and acquaintances. We also are surrounded by societal norms, rules and habits. And then, there's the influence of the media and other external factors. Many of the people that are in our lives wish us the best, are there for a reason and in general try to support us. But what if their supportive words and actions don't agree with the essence of who we are? After all, you k… Read More
Whatever dreams, goals, and plans you’ve made for 2011; chances are friends will be a key component of achieving success and sharing the joy of accomplishment. As a single person, good friends become even more critical to personal and professional success because we don’t have a spouse in our corner cheering us on.  Do you sense that you have the right type and number of friends to help you reach your dreams? Ask yourself if your friends: Believe in y… Read More
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1. Replace one negative thought a day with a positive one. 2. When you're about to criticize something or someone, think whether what you're about to say will add value 3. Smile once a day at a stranger and see him or her smile back 4. Avoid people with negative energy at all cost. They will bring yours down. 5. Try to see something special in everyone, even those that appear bad to you 6. Forgive whoever you can forgive 7. Be good to nature and animals, they are … Read More

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