By Donna Wesling, CPA
It’s that time of year again – tax time! Here are some things to think about when preparing your tax return. The standard deduction for 2010 is $5,700 for single taxpayers and $8,400 for head of household. If your itemized deductions exceed these amounts, then you may save income tax by itemizing your deductions instead of taking the standard deduction. If you own a home debt free and you don’t have many itemized deductions other than property taxes, … Read More
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Taxes can be complicated. Almost at any level. But when do you decide to spend the extra money for an accountant versus doing it yourself, either by hand or with one of the tax preparation programs such as TurboTax? As long as you're a student or just have a regular W-2 job, I would suggest going with the tax preparation software. It's not very expensive and gets the job done pretty quickly for most people. It can even handle your stock investments and other stuff, tho… Read More
Business Advice for Singles
Hey, do you hate opportunists? Those who seem to jump on every little thing that comes along their way and adapt and manipulate their actions to fulfill their own needs. As bad as it sounds, you can learn a lot by observing their behavior. I'm not saying you should become a master manipulator or live only for those opportunities, but you could definitely benefit from keeping your eyes open for those things that come your way so that you don't miss them. I have a frien… Read More
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If you're buried under a mountain of paperwork and clutter, you're not alone.  But even though this wouldn't be spring cleaning, it may be a good idea to have yourself organized before the new year comes along. Plus, it's good to stand out among your single friends and actually have a classy and clean bedroom and an organized office. Too many singles, especially guys, think that the rules of orderliness don't apply to them, but if you want to stand out as less ord… Read More
These are hard times for people and when you're single, it can especially hit you hard as you're the only source of income and support for yourself. Even when married people have kids, which adds an extra expense, they still have two people who can go and find a job. But if you're single and you're out of a job, what do you do? First, file for unemployment. While the benefit isn't huge, it can still pay for some of your expenses and something is better than nothing. T… Read More
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Whether you'd like to find a job, get motivated to start your own business or grow an existing business, you'll need lots of strength, perseverance, skills, contacts and communication abilities. And that's just the short of it. If you don't know where to start, try to decide for yourself what's your closest goal: this would be a short-term goal you want to achieve in order to get you to the long-term goal. So, to help you with that, review the following tips: What a… Read More
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Well, being single is all and well, but you still have to survive, and preferably thrive in this world. And that's why we've created the business section. This way you'll be able to hopefully get inspired, find some cool business or motivating resources to get you going on your next career path or your dream. Don't be shy and get your hands on as much stuff as you can. If you have a hard time getting motivated, you may need a book on how to reward yourself for each ta… Read More
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