Wellness Advice For Women
I have been using Vichy products for the past 15 years, and they rock! It's only in the past couple of years that they've been available to U.S. customers via their online site www.VichyUSA.com. In Europe, they sell in European pharmacies, which means they are specifically approved to be sold there and nowhere else. Their products have been ahead of the game for a long time now. They are very refined and are superior to the other household brands you can find in the s… Read More
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The holidays are about being together with family and friends.  You may not see your family all that often, so it’s nice to be around them during this festive time of the year.  You share some laughs, you bring up old embarrassing stories, and of course – you eat like you’ve never eaten before. Every year, around this time, people always tell themselves “Ok, I’m not going to go crazy with the food this year.” They think if … Read More
Wellness Advice For Singles
Whether someone broke up with you or you decided to cut ties with them, you are probably going to feel down for some time and not ready to jump into anything new or serious for a while. Some of the symptoms may include fatigue, not being in the mood to do anything, apathy, even feeling a little bit depressed. You may not feel like working out or you may start overeating, gaining weight, not taking care of your skin, or your house, or your work. While it may be necessa… Read More
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Wellness Advice for Singles
Are you having a problem with your eye makeup creasing, smudging, running, fading, sweating off and rubbing off? I did. That is, until I discovered this little miracle product that I absolutely love. I have relatively small eyes and the creasing, smudging and running has been a problem for a long time. I've tried various products but none helped. I happened to have a free facial spa and makeover session at the Estee Lauder counter at a major department store. The esth… Read More
I would like to introduce you to the importance of taking vitamins and herbal supplements in your everyday life. I am exclusively speaking from my experience, but I cannot repeat enough how important it is to add those supplements into your busy and sometimes stressful life. You can eat healthy, you can exercise - that's all good. But do you know that after taking a combination of multi-vitamins, fish oils, herbal supplements for memory and energy, I actually was abl… Read More
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Wellness Advice for Singles
Without going in circles or setting goals that are hard to achieve, the below resolutions are relatively easy to follow without sacrificing your whole life. Enjoy! Eat smaller portions. In Europe, portions in restaurants are half the size of those in the U.S. It may be a good idea to get used to eating less food in order to stay in shape. Your stomach will shrink a bit, which means you won't feel that hungry anyway. It's really a matter of habit and it will help you … Read More
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By Stella Belmar
Just as massage can loosen your muscles, yoga stretches them and balances out your body's energy. It's for a reason that yoga has been practiced for hundreds of years and is very popular even in the Western world today. There are different types of yoga out there and the key is to find the one that works for you. Some people view yoga as a way of stretching yourself and almost as an exercise. While that element is definitely present, I would say that yoga is so much … Read More
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Wellness Advice for Singles
I'm not a masseuse, but I sure love massages. I think it's a great tool for people on the go, in times of stress and just to relax. While my favorite one is the deep-tissue massage, a Swedish massage can relax you so much that you fall asleep. What better way than finishing your busy work day with such a relaxation. If you have pain in the back from stress or fatigue, deep tissue massage can also be a great tool to work on those muscles. Sometimes it even hurts the ne… Read More
Singles Lifestyle
OK, you know this and everyone talks about it. Exercise is key to staying healthy. Some people love to exercise, but others less so. The hardest part is to get motivated. For me, I get too bored going to the gym and performing like a robot. I don’t watch much TV, so the TV screens in the gym don't really distract me. I can't really read while moving up and down on the elliptical, so that pretty much leaves me without anything fun to do while exercising at the gym.… Read More

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