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Stella Belmar
How To Save A Failing Relationship

No relationship is perfect. It may seem so on the outside, but you just never know what happens behind closed doors. A couple can be faced with many challenges and it takes two to tango. There may be love, but practical matters can get in the way. Or some external issue may be challenging the connection between the two people. Whatever the issue, below are some tips on how to save a relationship that’s on the brink of collapse. A first step is to decide whether the relationship is worth saving.  While … Read More ›

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5 Signs to Tell If She's Hung Up On Her Ex

So, you’ve been dating your current girlfriend for a few months now. And no matter how much time you spend with her, you just can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right. Some days it feels like she is all about you and other days she acts as if she can’t stand to be …
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What Are The Real Motivators Behind Cheating?

Cheating is one of the most painful things that can happen in a relationship. And as hurtful as the discovery of infidelity is, what's worse is the downfall afterwards. While everyone reacts differently to these situations, the pain doesn't fade quickly. It's likely that you'll be filled with feeli…
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Seduce Her With Spirituality

As we're well underway into the 21st century, you may have noticed that spirituality and New Age materials and thinking are more and more making their way into people's minds and hearts. Traditionally, men have not really had to be in touch with their softer or more spiritual side. The society has…
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