Dating Advice for Men
This may seem pretty self-explanatory but I know that it's not as easy as it sounds. That's mostly because there is a difference between how men think and how women think. What a guy thinks is great for a girl, may not be at all in reality.

It's important to put yourself in the other's shoes. And that's especially true when courting a gal.

First, even if you enjoy sports, she may not to. So don't take her to a sporting event. She may be a great 'sport' for that, but will she like it? Probably not as much as a dinner in a nice and intimate restaurant and a walk by the beach, in the park or an exciting conversation in a bar.

So, I would suggest to start out with something neutral, like a dinner. There, you will find out what she likes and you'll get a better feel for what kind of date you want to take her next.

Guys also tend to underestimate this, but flowers do wonders for women. And you'll be surprised why. It's not just because women love flowers - which they do - but it's also because you will stand out as being extra romantic and caring. And women love that. They want to be romanced, so don't underestimate the 'power' of giving flowers. I remember I was seeing this guy who would bring me one flower each other date. Now, how special is that! You can be pretty creative with that, but I assure you that you can never go wrong with flowers.

Another tip is to not be too pushy sexually or even expect a kiss on the lips the first time. Men who hurry like that, place unnecessary pressure on the relationship and on the woman and when a woman is not ready to kiss the guy yet but he is pushing for it, you may just as well forget it. You need to cultivate a natural sense of when to do the right thing. Have a few dates that are a bit flirty, but also friendly. Show respect to the girl, and I can assure you that she will be more than ready to give you a first kiss soon.

But if all you're doing is looking for that physical connection without putting the effort into it, than you will come off as a cheap bastard. And you will pretty much stay in this category for good. That’s why it’s important to take your time and build this connection that goes beyond the physical.

Usually, both people have figured out the physical chemistry pretty quickly. But that only goes so far. You need to hook a woman on a mental level. Make jokes, be light yet serious, be a gentleman and show her you care. This means, being generous, courteous, self-assured but not arrogant, sincere, honest and playful. Be careful because playful doesn't mean sexual, vulgar or pushy. It means having some clever humor, being able to listen to the girl and not constantly talk about yourself, suggesting things that she would like to do as opposed to you and really showing you care enough to make an effort.

The biggest problem guys have is that they are so caught up in their own little world that they forget to show to the girl that they care. That’s a major turn-off to the woman. If she sees that a guy doesn't care from the get go, then what is it going to be later-on.

Women look at all that from the beginning and they observe this with their strong intuition in a guy really fast, so don’t think you can fool them. Also, ultimately, what’s attractive to a woman is security, stability, mental stimulation and care from the man.

That doesn't mean you should be boring. It means you should try to be as little selfish as possible. Ask her what she likes: whether it's movies, dancing, music, museums, nature, hikes etc. And do it. You'll build some great connection and really will get to know each other on a deeper level. And then things will start flowing very easily. But definitely go with the flow - don't force things and try to tune in to her, not to your expectations about her.

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