By Stella Belmar
Sometimes being single can be a challenge. This is especially true when holidays roll around and you have no family in town, your friends are all gone to celebrate it with their families and before you know it, you may start feeling really lonely.

Here are a few solutions to spend the holidays feeling less lonely - and less single. And make sure to plan your day ahead so that you are not scrambling for something to do when the holiday rolls around.

  • If you're somewhat religious you can go to church for an Easter mass. That can be quite festivous and you will enjoy being surrounded by fun people. If you're more spiritual than religious, there are plenty of non-denominational churches that will have a whole celebration set up and it's usually almost like a show, a musical or a concert, so it can be a lot of fun.

  • If you're not into that, look up some Meetup groups. You'd be surprised how many singles' meetups there are and they will have holiday celebrations specifically so that singles wouldn't be left alone.

  • Go shopping and then go see a movie. Not only do many stores have special sales going on during the holidays, but treating yourself to something nice will lift your mood and make you feel like you did something, instead of just sitting at home depressed. It's easy to combine a shopping trip with a movie afterwards.

  • Inquire if any of your neighbors or friends are going somewhere or are organizing something and mention that you are all alone. People usually will extend a helping hand and would be happy to welcome you in their circle.

  • Think about some of your hobbies or other fun things you're involved with. Maybe there is an event that you can attend. Or see if there are any shows or concerts in town and get a ticket. You may be going alone, but it will be a lot of fun and you may actually meet someone too.

Hope this little list will get you inspired. So, get out of the house and don't feel so sorry for yourself. Happy Easter!


By Stella Belmar.

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Thanks for the suggestions. For anyone in Detroit, this is a great list of things to do on Sunday:
Apr 21st 2011

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