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In life and in work, it's important to be flexible. And in this difficult economy, it's especially paramount to mold yourself to various career or work situations in order to survive. You have to be like a chameleon!

So, how can you do that? Here are some tips.

  1. When applying for jobs, tweak and adjust your resume to the requirements of that particular job. You have to make sure it jumps out at your future employer that you are a perfect fit. It doesn't mean you have to lie, it means you have to highlight your strongest points that specifically are related to this position.

  2. Same thing goes for when you are interviewing. Remember that the employer needs to hear and see and believe that you are absolutely the best candidate for that position. Today's companies get thousands of applications for the same position and it's hard for them to select the best possible employee. So you need to be flexible, change colors like a chameleon depending on the situation and the questions you are being asked. If they want you to come back 10 times, do it! If they have a better position that they think you may be suited for, go for it. Every opportunity can lead to something great.

  3. If you are just not making any headway into the corporate world, see what kind of internships, short-term or part-time positions, or independent consulting gigs you can get in the mean time. As unimportant as they may seem, you may meet people who will put you in contact with someone who may help you with your future job. You will gain invaluable experience that you will be able to add to your resume and you will expand your skill set.

  4. If you still have time on your hands, go to conferences, career fairs, take some classes or listen to some seminars. There are plenty that are free, so do your research. Again, it will help you to learn, expand your horizons, meet new people and get new ideas.

  5. And if someone is offering you a job that is a little bit different, hey, it may be worth taking that risk. It may lead you to something you didn't even expect you could do and maybe you're even a natural at that.

It's key to be flexible and open minded in this economy. It's the assertive ones that get the best piece of the pie. Make sure you're that person.


By Stella Belmar.

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