Dating Advice For Women
As humans, we express ourselves in an endless variety of ways.  We style our hair a certain way, we wear certain clothes, and we even pierce our skin so that we can hang shiny stones on our body.  By doing these things we are saying to the world “look at me.”

What are the other signals that are being sent, though?  Consider this situation: a beautiful girl at a party wearing designer clothes, with a designer bag, decked out with shiny jewelry, and beautiful fancy shoes.  How comfortable do you think guys will be approaching a woman like that?  In this case, guys make basic assumptions about this woman, based solely on her appearance, and determine their actions accordingly.

Men will boast that they can’t be intimidated, yet throw them in front of a confident powerful woman and that notion flies right out the window.  In fact, taking this a step further, women don’t even need to actually be confident or powerful, they just have to look the part and men will cower in fear.  Too often for men, the visual is all that is necessary to make a decision.

So, the flashy clothes and the expensive jewelry might actually be hurting a girl’s chances of meeting a guy, provided that is what she is interested in doing in the first place.  While looking nice is great, going too far in that direction can be detrimental.  From a male’s prospective, a beautiful woman with confidence oozing from every seam might be difficult to talk to.  The notion is that she’ll want an equally or more powerful and confident man with money and charisma.  While a man may have an appropriate amount of all of these factors, he may begin to doubt himself in the presence of such a lovely lady.

So, to conclude, it is important for women to understand what their appearance means to guys.  While men are attracted, they may also be apprehensive about approaching you. On the other hand, men need to realize that looking good isn’t a crime.  If a girl wants to show off, she should be allowed.  Don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t judge a woman by what she’s wearing.  Judge by what she says, and how she says it.  Build a relationship based on actual interactions, not with a telescope from afar.

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