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Love and romance fill the air, as we all prepare for Valentine’s Day.  To celebrate, you may decide to watch a romantic movie or perhaps just enjoy a night in, with a bottle of wine.  Either way, chances are dinner will play an important role in your evening.  Whether the meal is home-cooked or restaurant prepared, there are certain foods that may work to enhance… the romance.  Consider these foods if you wish to turn a great Valentine’s Day, into a steamy Valentine’s night.

-          Honey

Sometimes referred to, as the “Nectar of the Gods” honey is a well-documented aphrodisiac.  Boosting testosterone levels in the blood for both men and women, a little bit of honey can go a long way.  Take a look at this delicious recipe “Frozen Peach Dessert.”

-          Basil

Not one of the more commonly known food aphrodisiacs, basil is nonetheless one powerful herb.  It has even jokingly been offered as the reason why Italians are stereotypically so romantic.  It is suggested that even just the smell of basil in the air is enough to excite the male and female libido.  Basil will also induce a warming feeling, as it promotes circulation throughout the body.

-          Chocolate

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious piece of chocolate after a wonderful meal?  Consider this though, the chemicals in chocolate not only come together to form a delicious treat, but can also produce a sense of relaxation.   Moreover, chocolate is a well documented “mood lifter”, reducing stress and enhancing pleasure.

Now, whether or not you believe that these foods, or any other foods for that matter, have the power to enhance your desires is completely up to you.  Perhaps it is just all in your head; perhaps the effects aren’t scientifically proven.  Nonetheless, it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot, right?  If all else fails, you can still enjoy a nice meal.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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