Dating Advice For Men
If you consider yourself to be a “nice” guy, as most men presumably do, then you are also probably well aware of the saying “nice guys finish last.”  Women want nice men, but they don’t want spineless “yes men.”  They want a little spark of uncertainly and danger in their relationships.  They want excitement.  As a “nice” guy, what are you to do?

You may see the women around you, swept off their feet by “jerks.”  They treat women like garbage, and have no long-term or serious intention with their relationships.  Yet, women just seem to gravitate towards them, which as a nice guy might seem a bit unfair.  You can try to add a little excitement into your relationships, but in the end – if that isn’t who you are it will become clear pretty quickly that you are acting instead of just living.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t try to be something that you aren’t.  If you are an emotional guy, and you enjoy showering a women with love and affection, then that’s fine.  Plenty of women in this world will enjoy that kind of attention, though not all for the right reasons.  Be sure that you don’t get taken advantage of, as some women may keep a “nice” guy around for love and affection, but won’t really have the strong feelings they profess to have.

Nice guys may finish last in the sprint, but in the end – they tend to get the real prize at the end of the race.  Being nice should never be a bad thing.  Just be you.  Whatever that entails, is what you bring to the table.  That is who “you” are.  The right women will eventually come along, seeking the qualities and traits that you possess, but until then – love is just a big game of trial and error.

See what works best for you, maybe make some minor tweaks here and there, until you’ve found what works.  Add a little excitement, take a little excitement out.  The decision is up to you.

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