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The sad truth is that jobs are not as plentiful and employment not as secure as it once was.  New graduates enter the job market every year, competing with the already expanding pool of qualified candidates unable to find employment.  The opportunities simply aren’t there as companies downsize or flat-out go out of business.  It can be a distressing time for the jobseeker, but there are some strategies you can use to give yourself a slight advantage.  It may not be much, but in this day and age a little boost can go a long way.

The first priority for any new, or old, jobseeker is preparation.  In fact, no matter what you are destined to do in your life, preparation is essential.  Know what you need, do all that you can, and prepare yourself for whatever lies ahead.  In searching for jobs, you need to make sure your resume is not only up to date, but interesting to read as well.  One strategy you can employ is to develop a few different forms of your resume, all with the same information but each with a different slant on your skills and interests.  Depending on what opening you wish to apply for, it might be a good idea to focus on one particular piece of your employment history rather than another.  Play around with the layout and design of your resume as well.  You won’t want to make it too flashy, but eye-catching enough that a potential employer picks it out of a stack.  Lastly, you need to make sure you know everything you can about the company you are applying for.  Few things will end a potential employer/employee relationship faster than a lack of effort.  Show that you are interested enough with this job to do a little research about what it is that the do, how they do it, etc. 

As pointed out earlier, finding employment is no longer as easy as opening up the daily newspaper.  Opportunities may be few and far between, which is why it is important not to overlook anything.  True, not every job will be for you.  However, some jobs may be close enough that you should still apply.  Even if an opportunity isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, it may be the best that you’ll find.  Now, don’t get downtrodden at the thought of a terrible job you have to settle for.  Instead, consider it a chance to learn and grow as an employee and as a person.  Moreover, you can work towards steering this new role in the direction you wish to take it, once you establish yourself.  Ask for more responsibility in the areas you enjoy, and who knows – a year down the road and your employer may decide to create a role specifically designed for you and what it is that you want to do.

Our last piece of advice is simply to keep your head up.  It is a hard road, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Find solace in the fact that many others are in the same boat as you.  Don’t ever feel like it is YOU, who is un-employable, because that is simply not the case.  With hard work and perseverance you will find the right role.  Good luck jobseekers!  Stella Singles knows you can do it.

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Persistence is key. Keep applying, keep putting your name out there and eventually something will come of it. It just takes time.
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