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Easter has come and gone this year, and chances are you have a fair amount of leftover candy just sitting on your dining room table.  What can you do with all of this candy?  Well, you could go on an eating binge, devouring every last piece – but that obviously isn’t very healthy.  You could throw it out, but that seems like such a waste.  If you’re anything like me, throwing out perfectly good food just gives you a sharp pain deep in my heart.  I just don’t have it in me, to toss away a perfectly good snack.  So…what can you do?  Here are some suggestions.

Chocolate is divine.  Nothing relaxes me more than a nice piece of milk chocolate, my pajamas, and a good movie.  The problem is that there just never seems to be any chocolate in the cabinet or fridge when I want it.   When I’m sick and tired of chocolate, that’s when my pantry is just exploding with it – but that’s life I guess.  Anyway, why not save some of the Easter chocolate for a later date?  Freeze that chocolate Easter bunny, and next week break yourself off a little piece of his ear.  Temperatures tend to rise after Easter, so a nice cold piece of chocolate candy might be just the thing you need to beat the heat.

Oh, how I love chocolate.  Another idea is to melt down the chocolate and use it for other desserts.  Drizzle that liquid chocolate on top of ice cream or pie, or even your coffee.  Be careful though, as melting chocolate can be a messy ordeal.  Be sure that your pan and spatula are completely dry (chocolate doesn’t mix well with water) and don’t over heat (else risk burning it.)  After use, pour the chocolate into a durable, microwave safe, Tupperware container, and store in the fridge.  When you are ready to use the chocolate again, just pop that baby right into the microwave.   Be sure to use a low setting and keep and eye on the chocolate to prevent scorching.

Don’t forget about Jellybeans.  Jellybeans aren’t my personal favorite, but they can still get the job done when that sugar craving comes around.  One idea a friend of mine gave me, was to pop a jelly bean or two…or three at the bottom of a martini glass the next time you’re throwing a party.  Your girlfriends will love this sugary treat at the bottom of their glass.  Just make sure not to leave the Jellybean in the alcohol for too long, else risk it completely disintegrating away.  Now that it will do any damage, but the drinker will lose the visual component of the bright colored bean at the bottom of her drink.

Lastly, you could always donate the extra candy to a local children’s organization.  Search online to see if any hospital or other local business is holding a food drive for less fortunate children and families in your area.  It is always nice to help those in need.  Plus you will be eliminating the temptation to eat all of the candy yourself.  The children will surely appreciate your donation.

So, Happy Easter everyone.  Hope yours was a blast.  If you have any ideas for what to do with extra Easter candy…please share.  Our readers would love to hear your input. 

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