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It isn’t easy getting the motivation to go to the gym – but nearly everyone appreciates the value of a good work out.  The importance of staying healthy can never be overstated.  You live longer, you live happier, and you feel better.  For some, exercise comes much easier than it does for others.  This lucky group of individuals seems to always be in fantastic shape, without ever having to try very hard.  They run a little here or there, and lift weights every once in a while – but more importantly, they are just blessed with genes that keep them looking fit no matter what.  For the rest of us … well, the road to physical fitness can be much harder.

The first thing I need to mention on the topic of physical fitness is that not everyone has the same goals.  Moreover, not everyone can achieve the same outcome – an important point that many people don’t understand.  Despite the same workout routine, and same caloric intake – two different individuals may see drastically different results.  Metabolism and genealogical history are huge determining factors in how quickly different bodies will react to exercise and training.

With that in mind, the first thing you need to do before beginning a fitness regiment is to pick a path and a plan of attack that is best for you.  Start off small, reaching for a goal that you feel comfortable with.  Losing a few pounds, or tightening up a few loose spots on your body are a few examples.  Don’t shoot for the moon, right off the bat.  For one, chances are you won’t reach your goal and it may be demoralizing.  Second, if you go too hard too fast, you may actually end up hurting your body instead of doing it any good.

After you’ve set your goals, it is wise to consult a professional on how best to reach them.  Ask an employee at your gym, or take a look at a fitness website for tips – always keeping in mind your own limitations.  Push yourself, but not too hard.  You don’t want to get hurt after all.  Finally, once you have your goals and once you have your plan of attack, it is time to begin.  The worst thing you can do when you’re starting off, is to expect too much too soon.  You must understand that it takes time to see results, sometimes as long as a few weeks.  Don’t let that discourage you however.  Have faith that exercising will pay off in the end. 

Also, keep in mind that the results you experience may not be visual.  If, when you start off, you can only run a half-mile without stopping – see how far you can run after a week of training.  With any luck your endurance and strength may have increased.  This will bring your health up, even if you can’t physically see any specific results.

Finally, don’t quit.  I can’t stress this enough.  Once you start, you need to keep going.  Quitting will take all of your hard work over the past months/years and toss it right out the window.  As I mentioned before, it can be hard to get the motivation sometimes, but it is totally worth it in the end.  Try having a workout buddy whom you can lean on when you’re feeling lazy and uninterested in working out.  They will give you support, and in turn you can provide it right back to them. 

And the final benefit to going to the gym? You may actually meet someone. You just never know what cute guy or gal is hanging out at the gym and they may just happen to be your soulmate.

So, just stick with it, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier “you” in no time.

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