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Dating Advice: So you’re dating, and you’re in love.  Congratulations.  It can be an indescribable feeling, at times.  Sort of like a big mixture of happiness, joy, fulfillment, and comfort all mashed into one.  You feel on top of the world.  You can’t image being with anyone else.  Great!

However, let’s assume that you aren’t ready to tie the knot just yet.  Perhaps you aren’t in a position financially to take such a big leap.  Or, maybe you just haven’t been together with your significant other long enough to justify such a serious commitment.  Whatever the reason, there is no shame in waiting.  It is always best to be sure, rather than rushing things and ruining what might have been a beautiful union. 

So, you’ve decided it isn’t time to get married – but you’re still interested in taking the relationship to the next level.  Do you, or do you not move in with one another?  There are upsides and downsides of course, and it is your job to weigh each and every one of them, in the context of your relationship.  Just like any other decision, rushing into something like this can lead to disastrous consequences.  Take your time deciding, and you’ll be much better off.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the major (and some of the often overlooked) points that you should consider before moving in with your significant other.  As always, we’d love to hear from our faithful followers regarding their decisions to move in…or not.  Please share your comments on Facebook or Twitter, or even in the comment section below.

Financially speaking, moving in together can be a fantastic choice to make.  It is just simple division.  A single rent payment divided by two is less per person than it would be if each person lived separately.   Plus, with two incomes the quality of the home/apartment can be higher than it might be with just a single earner.  It can certainly make the decision seem like an easy one to make, but money isn’t the only thing to consider.

How two people interact with one another in public places can be drastically different than how they interact when in a confined space with only each other to converse with.  With only your partner to talk to, or play with, or just sit on the couch and watch TV with – a relationship can become strained.  Initially, things might seem fine, but they can often sour rather quickly as the true inner-self of a person is revealed over time.  Consider what makes your partner mad.  What they’re allergic to.  What type of music or television programming they enjoy…or hate.  Consider how clean your partner is, or how likely they are to clean if a mess exists.   How easily does your partner lose his/her temper?  What do they do to release stress?  These questions, and a million others, need to at least be acknowledged before any co-habitation can exist.  Moreover, in addition to these questions, you need to ask yourself; “how willing am I to compromise, for the greater good of the relationship?”

Compromise and communication are the two big “C’s” in any relationship.  If you are able to communicate your feelings with your partner and compromise on certain things from time to time to “keep the peace” then you should be just fine.  Of course your partner needs to be on board as well – communicating and compromising as much as you do.

So lastly, let’s discuss the family and religious barriers that might prevent two people from living together before they are married.  The first discussion is with your partner.  The second discussion should be with your family and your partner’s family.  Not that you need their permission necessarily, but it is important to discuss a decision such as this with them regardless – just so that all the information is out on the table. 

Some religions believe that living together before you are married goes against the church and is a very big “no-no.”  Only after two people have been joined in holy matrimony, are they “allowed” to live together under one roof.  Similarly, perhaps your parents, or the parents of your partner, may feel that moving in together before marriage is a bad idea.  Maybe they believe that by moving in with on another the relationship will become strained.  Though their views on this decision may be negative, it may only be because they have such high regard for your relationship and want to see it prosper, instead of wilt away.

Regardless of your decision, make sure you don’t rush into anything.  As adults, we’re perfectly capable of making our own decisions, but it can’t hurt to get some advice from friends, family, or even online message boards.  Be safe, be smart, and your relationship will last for many years to come.

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