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There is a certain consensus in our society today that women should cater to the male ego.

This kind of thinking includes the belief that women can get anything they want out of men by seamlessly manipulating them while making them think that the men are retaining all control.

While I'm sure that this model can work in some cases and has worked for a number of people in the past, I think the world is evolving past those old-fashioned power games. Plus, in many other cases it's just plain-out ridiculous and actually leads to breakups.

A big chunk of the world already succeeds in having healthy and long-lasting relationships based on honesty, openness, mutual respect and understanding. Whether it's a cultural difference or a matter of maturity, wouldn't it make sense if we all strived toward a world where equality, as well as passion, prevails.

When both sides drop their egos and open themselves to see what's in front of them, everything all of a sudden becomes clear and starts to flow more smoothly. That's really when you start to feel that happiness is just around the corner and attainable in your relationship. And both parties probably feel a sigh of relief.

The men finally appreciate the values and contributions of women. And women finally feel comfortable and confident expressing themselves directly without being shut down or judged. If you haven't tried this yet, just try it - and you may find yourself surprised.

One friend of mine said many years ago: "When you have money, then other things all of a sudden become more important in life."

I believe this is true for relationships also: When you drop the ego, then everything becomes more transparent and you can move on to other, deeper, parts of your relationship that you weren't able to access before."

A good book to read to understand this in more depth is Echart Tolle's 'A New Earth.' It's a complicated book and not for beginners. But if you're brave, it will open your heart and your soul.

So let's all be those rich individuals and place our egos aside.

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