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Most of us have gone on dates before, online dating or otherwise.  Actually, I would imagine that nearly all of us have.  A Friday or Saturday night.  Dinner and a Movie.  Sound familiar?  It’s the common and typical dating recipe.  It is the perfect combination of function and flair.  By that I mean that a dinner/movie date provides time for the “getting to know you” stage (function), and it allows for some excitement as the two of you share an intimate moment together watching a movie (flair).  It really is a great combination of these two necessary dating components.  It has worked quite well over the years too, I might add.  Still I’d like to suggest that if you haven’t considered it before – why not try a Satur-Day date every once in a while as well.  It’s a dating tip that is often ignored, but perhaps shouldn’t be.

The weekend is the easiest time to date, of course.  You don’t have work, presumably, and you have fewer responsibilities.  Weeknight dates are still common too, though there is still that nagging voice in the back of your mind that says “you’ve got work in the morning” keeping you from really letting loose.

Similarly, evenings are the best time to schedule dates as they provide an element of romance and excitement that the day can’t always provide.  Partying happens at night.  Drinking happens at night.  Excitement happens at night…if you know what I mean.  There is just something about the sun dipping below the horizon and the moon rising high into the sky that can really get things going.

Still, one can argue that while emotions may run high on the weekends, and at night, – long-lasting connections aren’t always the result.  After all, the term is one NIGHT stand – not one DAY stand. 

The thing about the daytime is that it demands your attention.   Much more so than during the evening, the daytime requires that you listen and watch and react.  You won’t be able to hide behind the veil of evening darkness or moonlight-fueled adrenaline.  Instead, you have to act like a respectful, mature adult – something that may come easier for some of us than others.  Without the drinks, without the anxiety that might accompany getting all dressed up for dinner, without the pressure – it is just you and your date, interacting with one another on a Saturday afternoon.  It is in these moments, that you can really pick up on a person’s personality.

If things were to become serious, chances are you’d begin to see a lot of one another, and the time that you two spend together wouldn’t be confined only to bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.  Instead, it would be sitting together on the couch watching television, or going to the grocery store.  Regular everyday activities.

Consider an afternoon lunch date, or a late morning gym date.  Sure they’re out of the norm, but that can be a good thing.  Stay on your toes, and interact with someone on a higher lever than you might at a bar or over dinner.  Keep the conversation going with interesting stories or comments.  Try something new and/or get out of your comfort zone.

Sure risk might go up a bit, as will the difficulty, but so will the ultimate reward.  Connect with someone, I mean really connect with someone through daytime conversation and interaction.  It is in these moments that you will see who a person really is, unaltered by alcohol or other negative influences – just them.  Plus, the connections that you build from daytime conversation will lay the ground work for a potentially greater evening date.

Happy DAY Dating!

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