Dating Advice For Men
If there's one pet peeve many women  have is cheap men. Somehow they always find ways to rationalize their cheapness away - and usually at the expense of others.

To me, that says a lot about someone's character. Someone who's not generous with money, often isn't generous with emotions and openness.

For the longest time I felt guilty because I expected guys to be generous and I thought that my expectation would mean I'm a gold digger. But by no means do I think I am one. I was making a six-digit income and was pretty generous with my dates myself, so all of this was really in my head. But the society imposes such a strong negative connotation to women expecting guys to pay for things that you almost feel that you're wrong for expecting guys to pay. But in reality most women just want to be treated like a lady.

The underlying explanation is more rational than many people may think. Men often say that their behavior stems from the cave men roots. Well guess what, so does women's behavior.

Women want to feel that they will be taken care of. They take care of family and more emotional matters. Men bring home the bacon. Women need to feel they will have shelter and food so that they can feed and raise a family. That's nothing new.

 So when a woman gets taken out by a guy on a date and he asks if they could go Dutch, that's pretty much the worst message that a guy can send to her. It says that I'm not willing to take my manly responsibility and that I'm not proud of who I am and what I can provide to a woman.

Some guys explain it by saying they'll invest more in the woman once they're serious with them and that in the early stages they don't want to potentially 'waste' the money if the girl is not worth it or if the relationship doesn't go any further.

Well guess what, this excuse doesn't fly. You're either a generous person or you're not. Taking a woman to a nice dinner, buying her a little something or even helping her with the repair at home should be a pleasure to a man. Even if the relationship doesn't go anywhere, it's never wasted money.

By being a generous man, you're building yourself a nice reputation and you even feel better. This will actually help you with building up your confidence for the next girl. This will shine through and you will be building lots of positive energy. Trust me, it pays off.

And if you still decide on being cheap on the dates, don't be surprised that that girl won't be much into you. She may go along for a while, but she'll never feel special with you and you won't trigger her 'You're  the man!' thoughts in her. It's just not the same.

So men, get your wallets out and see how it pays off in the long run!

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