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 Its that time of year again folks.  The time of year when you stress out over what to get your boyfriend or girlfriend for the holidays.  Now, every once in a while, the perfect gift will serendipitously present itself, making your holiday sooo much easier.  However, for most years that isn’t the case.  If you are anything like me, buying presents, for anyone really, can be a stressful activity.  So, Stella is here to make it a little easier for you all this year, by offering the 5 following ideas for great holiday gifts.

Have an additional idea that you think should have made the list?  Let us know.  We’re always excited to hear what the online dating community has to say.  So, whether you’ve found love online, through a friend, a blind date – it doesn’t matter.  The holiday spirit is about showing some love to the ones you care about.  The smile on their faces when they open up that gift is what it’s all about.

Each relationship is different, of course.  Some women like flowers and candy, others don’t.  Some men like video games and electronics, other don’t.  The first step to a great gift is getting to know your partner.  Think about what they like to do, and then try to find an appropriate gift.  Does your boyfriend fish?  Does your girlfriend listen to a lot of music?  Does your boyfriend have a laptop that he brings home from work every day?  Does your girlfriend have a passion for art?  Ask yourself: “What do I know about my partner, and how can I use that to find the perfect gift?”

Ok, let’s get started.  Gift number one – clothing.  Now, this can be difficult and dangerous.  Men aren’t always the best at picking out clothing for their women, and women, despite generally having a great eye for fashion, don’t always pick out the best clothing for their men either.  So, why not go with your partner, and give them a clothes shopping-spree this holiday season.  Take them out for a day on the town, on you.  Let your guy or gal pick out some things that they want, and you pick up the tab.  Maybe even incorporate lunch or dinner into the mix – make it a full day bonding activity.  This will show you care, and your partner will enjoy being the center of attention.  Just be sure to cover the ground rules first, before your partner goes off the deep end, racking up a hefty receipt total.

Next, why not surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with an impromptu vacation.  Nothing says love like a romantic get-away.  Concerned about scheduling?  Don’t be.  Call you partner’s work ahead of time.  Contact their family.  Take care of these details in advance – to make sure that your partner is free and able to go on the trip that you plan.  Your partner will not only be excited, but impressed over the effort that you put into planning the whole thing out.

Third on this list, is a high risk/high reward gift.  If you’re looking to take your relationship to the next level, consider getting a pet that the two of you can share ownership of.  It will bring the two of you closer and it will be an exciting addition to your relationship.  Obviously certain restrictions may apply in some cases.  If your partner has bad allergies, or if the two of you work too much to take care of a pet, this option might not be the best idea.  Still, two people coming together to share in the responsibilities that come with taking care of another living thing can really strengthen a relationship.

Next, consider buying tickets to an upcoming concert or sporting event.  This will work for you, two-fold.  One, it will serve as a present for your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Two, it will provide an opportunity for a date, at some point in the future.  Find something your partner is interested in, and find tickets online.  It is easy and pretty low pressure.  It is just a date.  However, depending on how you “play your cards” this fun date can turn into a meaningful memory the two of you will share for a long time.

Lastly, and this is the one on the list that (above all others) may not be for everyone, is to make something for your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Not all of us are gifted arts and crafters.  Some of us don’t have the attention to detail that others do, nor do we have the creativity to come up with interesting ways to do/say/accomplish something.  Still, you can’t say that you have NO creativity in you whatsoever.  A little effort can go a long way.  Put some pictures of the two of you together in a collage, or in a custom built picture frame.  Take some shared memories and put them together in a book.  Depending on how “lovy dovy” you want to get, you can really get crazy with this idea.  Or, you can keep it light and simple – just some pictures of you and some mutual friends.  It will show you care though, and it will show that you put some effort into the gift.

So, only a few days left to shop – what did you buy for your boyfriend/girlfriend? Please make a comment below; we want to know what your creative, lovy, sexy, fun, innovative ideas were this year. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Dating!

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