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I’ve often been asked this question: Do men like round/curvy women or slender small-featured women better?  Well, obviously I can’t answer this question on behalf of every man – however I can say that an increasing number of men out there would prefer a curvy woman to a slender one.  Why, you might be wondering…well it is actually pretty simple.

Deep down in a man’s brain, I mean way deep down in the primal urge quadrant, men have a few simple needs.  They need to eat, they need to sleep, and of course, they need to procreate.  It is this desire to spread their seed that triggers a subconscious interest in women with curvier features.  What is the ultimate, grand goal of sexual intercourse?  Creating life, of course.  So, whether they know it or not, men are naturally predisposed to women they feel will be able to provide them with offspring.  I realize this all may sound a bit crude, but stay with me on this.

Physically speaking, a slender, straight-figured woman will have greater difficulty giving birth than a curvier wide-hipped woman would.   Therefore, as a man, if you’re looking for a woman to share your life with and eventually start a family with, you must consider her figure. 

Now, the media might have you believe that skinny women with flawless skin and large breasts are what men desire.  Women have faced this issue for quite some time, trying to mold themselves into what society views as being the perfect womanly shape.  Now obviously this isn’t fair, or correct – and in many cases has caused pain and physiological damage.  All of this is quite ironic when you consider the fact that some men sub-consciously seek out curvier women anyway.

On top of everything else, men are naturally very sexually oriented.  It has been said that men think about sex in one way or another every 7 seconds.  Men also work with their hands, if you know what I mean, which is why women with larger breasts or curvier hips may be more desirable.   Men enjoy the tactile pleasure of holding their woman close, especially in moments of love and lust.

So, what do men desire?  The same things that women desire.  Love, attention, and happiness.  True, some men like curvier women – but does that mean that ALL men like curvier women?  Of course not.  To each his/her own.  I guess the motto of the story is – don’t change who you are.  The right person, who desires what you’ve got, will come along at some point. It is all just a matter of time.

Happy Dating!

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