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 “This year, I’m going to lose 20 pounds.”

“This year, I’m going to save money by eating out less.”

“This year, I’m going to seriously cut down on my alcohol consumption.”

Any of these sound familiar?  If not these exactly, we’re sure that you’ve made some resolutions in the past that have been pretty similar.  Did you keep up with them for the entire year?  How long was it, before you hit that “ah, screw it” point?   What made you give up?

Most times, people make resolutions that are simply too difficult to maintain.  If you are out of shape and/or overweight it ISN’T a bad idea to work on your fitness in the upcoming year.  What IS bad, is to think that if you kick it into overdrive right away that everything will change overnight.  Deciding to hit the gym every other day may not be feasible, and what happens if, due to some unforeseen circumstance, you are physically unable to follow through with this resolution?  At that point, it is just so easy to give up.

Well, this year, we aren’t going to accept that.   Here is a list of 3 resolution ideas that are designed to keep you on track, but at the same time aren’t so hard that you can’t keep up with them.

1)     Do something better than you did the year before.

Think about something you did well in 2012: maintained a good gym schedule or saved money by cooking for yourself 3-4 times a week.  For 2013: work on doing an even better job of this.  You won’t be tied down to any specific goal, but instead you’ll be working on being even better at something than you were in the previous year.  Moreover, what makes this resolution really great, is that you’ll have some wiggle room to “cheat” now and again, without giving up the greater goal completely.

2)     Split up your goal into a number of smaller goals.

“This year, I’m going to quit smoking.”  That is GREAT!  All joking aside, the decision to quit smoking isn’t easy, but it is one of the greatest decisions you’ll ever make.  However, in nearly every instance, quitting cold turkey isn’t the best way to go about it.  Instead, there are steps, gradually leading to an end to this nasty habit.  Instead of setting a huge goal like “quitting smoking”, why not set 3-4 mini goals throughout the year.  “First, I’m NOT going to smoke at home any more.”  “Second, I’m going to give the nicotine patch a try.  I’ve resisted in the past, but this time I’m serious.”  “Three, I’m going to join a quitters support group for some help, as I know this isn’t going to be easy.”  By splitting the major resolution into a number of other smaller resolutions, the task at hand might not seem so difficult.  In addition, you can also consider planning a schedule for these various mini resolutions, moving along as the year progresses.

3)     Lastly, don’t always think about just yourself.  Why not set a resolution that will benefit someone else instead?

Deciding to drop some pounds or to save money is great, of course, but ultimately you don’t really need a resolution to stay on top of your own life.  You SHOULD be going to the gym anyway.  You SHOULD be saving money, especially in this economy, anyway.  Why not set a resolution this year that benefits your friends/family, instead of just yourself.  If you have children, make a resolution to be at more of their little league games or ballet recitals.  Or, maybe your resolution can be to volunteer to be the designated driver for your friends at least twice a month.  You’ll be working to become a better person, and you’ll be doing something nice for someone else at the same time. 

Well, we here at Stella Singles wish all of you a fantastic 2013.  Just remember, it isn’t always easy – but with a little help you can get there.  Happy New Year, and Happy Dating!


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