Dating Advice For Women
How often do you hear a girlfriend complain: "I'm done with dating. All guys are jerks and it's just so tough out there. No guy wants to be committed. They are all selfish." Etc. etc. etc.

Well, while I think it's harder for women to find the right match than for men, it's also up to the women to realize that they need to focus more strongly on what they desire.

What does it mean? It means that if you're ready to be in a serious relationship, don't waste time on men who don't provide this to you. It means that you should dig deeper and go beyond the appearances. The cool guys that you may be attracted to are probably not the ones that will give you what you want, so try to reprogram yourself about that.

Make a list, either on paper or in your head, of what exactly you want. But there is a second step after that! Try to come up with the qualities a guy needs to have to meet those wants.

This may be not as easy as it sounds. What do you think is the REAL quality a guy can offer to you to provide you with the relationship you want? If you're honest with yourself, you may be surprised at what you come up with.

Often, it's not the players, not the wealthy, not the good looking ones that should be your focus. I'm not saying that you can't be with a person like that, but observe them first before falling for them. It seems that men that have a lot 'going' for them, know that that's a chick magnet pretty fast. This spoils them and, unless they are not players in their genes, they will use it to their advantage.

So, be focused and be selective. Do you really care about someone with a flashy car, or do you prefer to find a person that will not lead you to financial ruin for the sake of appearances.

The key is to find someone who is balanced. Some fun is great but he also needs to show serious qualities. Look out for the red flags. Has he been through many relationships? Is he flirting with everyone he encounters or does he only have eyes on you?

Don't live in an illusory world that you've made up yourself. Too many women will have illusory relationships for years with guys that barely even give them any attention. It may be loneliness or desire that pushes some to build castles made out of cards, but this is when being realistic and with your feet planted on the ground will serve you in the long term.

In many ways it's easier for guys as they don't have a biological clock ticking and at any age they can go for a younger woman. And while it's not good to be desperate about finding the right man, being focused IS important.

Focus on what you really want and you will attract it. But it may require patience and really going through guys with a magnifying glass. Won't you be happy though when you find that jewel?

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