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If you haven’t seen the movie “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days”, I’d recommend checking it out.  It’s a funny, romantic comedy about a girl who tries to “lose” a guy in 10 days for the purpose of an article she’s writing.  Its funny to see what the main character thinks will upset the guys she’s with enough that he’ll break up with her.  Turns out, as you can imagine, that he isn’t so easy to lose and she realizes that she is actually falling in love with this guy…classic Hollywood.  Anyway, this post isn’t about losing a guy on purpose, but rather the things we may do subconsciously that can scare our men away. 

So, here we go – The top 5 things (in no particular order) women do that drive men away from them.

1)     The Last Guy

This goes both ways of course, but in my experience it digs deeper with men than with women, surprisingly.  Men don’t want to hear about the guy before them.  Their minds start to race about how intimate the two of you were and how he stacks up against this old flame.  Just leave that conversation alone.  Now, chances are it will come up at one point or another… which is fine.  It’s important to discuss your past with your current partner; just not too soon and not in intricate detail.

2)     Lady Business

Your “friend” who comes to town once a month is something men know about.  They took the same high school health classes that you did and presumably have had other women in their lives (sisters/friends/girlfriends) so they know the drill.  Mentioning it is appropriate - so they know, but details…. no thank-you.

3)     Preoccupied

Especially in the beginning, but still important throughout a relationship, you’ll want to show the guy you’re with that he is the most important thing going on in your life.  When you’re on a date, or when you’re watching a movie on the couch together…don’t be constantly checking your phone.  How would you feel if your man was constantly on his phone? “Who is he talking to?”  “What is more important than me, right now?”  Keep the phone in your purse, and your attention on your man.

4)     Don’t Become Complacent

When you’ve been with someone for a while, it can be easy to take certain things for granted.  This goes both ways of course, but women: don’t get too comfortable in your baggy sweatpants…not ALL the time anyway.  Going to the mall?  Get a little glammed out.  Going to his apartment to watch a movie on the couch?  Why not wear something extra cute and suggestive?  Not that you should have to remind him, but show him what it is that he’s got in you, and how stupid he would have to be to throw something that amazing away.

5)     Being Emotionally Needy

The occasional “thinking about you” text message is great.  It shows you’re interested and that you care.  Sending one every hour of every day is obviously way too much.  The feeling of being loved is unlike any other feeling in this world.  However, it needs to come naturally – don’t force it.  Plus, the more often you send these cute, thoughtful messages – the less cute and thoughtful they will be over time.  Make them truly a surprise – save ‘em for when you know he’s having a bad day…or when you haven’t seen him in a few days and you just miss his smile.

So, hopefully if we all keep these things in mind we won’t have to worry about losing our guys.  Still, if there is something you think we left off of this list…let us know.  Shout us out on Facebook or Twitter.  Or, send a comment our way, through the comment box below.  You know we love to hear from our Stella Singles community. 

Happy Dating!

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