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Memorial Day is a nationally recognized, federal holiday.  It occurs every year on the last Monday of May.  It is a day for us to remember those who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy every day. 

Memorial Day is also known by many as the unofficial start of summer.  It’s a time to hit the beach, or fire up the grill and relax with friends and family in the warmth of the summer sun.  It’s a time where you put your work obligations on the back-burner and enjoy the gift of life and everything it has to offer.  What will you be doing this upcoming Memorial Day weekend?  Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.  Share your stories, your ideas, your recipes with the rest of the Stella Singles members and followers. 

As for Stella, well she isn’t sure yet what she’ll be doing this Memorial Day weekend.  The beach sounds like fun, but the traffic and crowds sure don’t.  If you decide to hit the beach this weekend, make sure to give yourself plenty of travel time, and expect delays on the road.  In addition, make sure to pack plenty of sun screen and water.  Protect your body from dehydration and the sun’s harmful rays, and you’ll be a much happier person come Tuesday morning. 

A Memorial Day BBQ also sounds like a blast.  My personal favorite is barbecued chicken…mmmmm.  I’ve never had any personal luck with the grill, but I have had the good-fortune to befriend plenty of grill masters in my time – so I’m sure I can convince one of them to help co-host a party with me.  It’s always nice to have some support when hosting a party.  Personally, I love having people over.  Sharing fun times with friends and family is what puts a smile on my face.  However, the anxiety and effort that go into a well planned party can make you want to pull your hair out.  That’s why I try to spread the responsibility as much as I can amongst other potential co-hosts.   One person in charge of the grill, another in charge of music, and you handle the invites and decorations.  This way, no ONE person is overly stressed out and everyone can have a great time.

One final point I’d like to make about this upcoming Memorial Day weekend; please be careful and drink in moderation.  A few beers in the sun with friends sounds like a perfect afternoon.  A few too many however, can turn a great afternoon into a dangerous evening.  Police know that alcohol will be consumed this weekend, in considerable amounts, and will be out in force to make sure everyone gets home safe and sound.  If you’re planning on drinking this Memorial Day weekend, please assign a designated driver.  Don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve had even one alcoholic beverage.  It isn’t worth the risk. 

Plan ahead, stay safe, be prepared, and most of all HAVE FUN!  Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner.  Hope yours is relaxing and enjoyable. 

Happy Dating!

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To everyone who has fought and died for the greatest country in the world, I say Thank-you! Memorial Day is just one day, but your efforts are appreciated all year-round.
May 27th 2013

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