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Technology has brought the world closer and closer together, like no other time in history.  Before the internet, you could only call…or snail-mail someone if you needed to get in touch with them.  Now, you can instantaneously ping someone via e-mail, instant messenger, or social media.  No longer are we shackled to our home, land-line phones – instead we carry our phones with us, along with our entire connection of friends and family. 

With the simplicity and speed of the internet, dating has also made significant leaps and bounds forward.  No longer are we stuck with just the bar scene.  Now, we can meet others from anywhere in the world simply by signing up and creating a dating profile.  It used to be more or less a shot in the dark every time you went up and spoke with someone new.  “Are they going to be weird or crazy?”  “Are we going to have anything in common?” “What if we don’t ‘click’ right off the bat?”  Now, we can let our profiles do all the heavy lifting, describing our interests, goals, and dreams.  This way, when we receive a response from someone, we can assume that they share, at least some of, our interests as well.

The question of the day is: “What do we do, when we receive that initial dating profile e-mail response?

There are two schools of thought on this.  First, you can respond right away.  Show that you are eager to meet, and excited that this person has shown interest in you and your dating profile.  The downside to this, of course, is that if you come on too strong you may scare the other person away.  Just like in face-to-face communication, over-eagerness and excessive energy can be intimidating.  Still, in the right situation this excitement can be a very powerful thing as well.  “She responded to my friend request so quickly, I guess she’s really interested?”  “I’m so glad you responded, I really liked your dating profile…and YES I would love to get coffee sometime.”

The other school of thought is to wait it out.  Maybe take a few days to respond, or draw out the conversation via e-mail a little longer in an effort to get to know your new potential partner better – before eventually meeting up.  The thought process behind this option is simple: you can’t ever REALLY know someone, simply by reading their dating profile.  Get the conversation going, maybe speak a few times on the phone – see what they’re all about.  Don’t rush into anything.  As they say, “good things come to those who wait.”

So, what would you do?  How would you respond?  Seriously, we want to know.  Do you have any online dating success stories you’d like to share with us?  Perhaps we can even feature one of your stories in our blog.  Or, perhaps you have an online dating horror story.  A guy who turned out to be nothing like his online dating profile.  A guy who brought his pet “whiskers” along with him on your date.  A guy who still lives with his mother.  Share your stories with Stella Singles.  Give our community a laugh, a piece of advice or just an interesting topic to discuss with their friends.  We’re always anxious to hear from our loyal subscribers, so don’t wait – e-mail or Facebook us today!

Summer and love is in the air.  Enjoy and embrace it everyone, and as always…

Happy Dating!


Remember the movie "I know what you did last summer?" Well, this is an old story, but I will never forget it! I went on a movie date with this guy I met online, who seemed totally great and normal. While enjoying the movie - the theater was packed, by the way! - there is a scene where Jennifer Love Hewitt comes out in a tiny nightie and he actually said (very loudly) "damn...mmmmnnnn." I was mortified! Everyone heard and turned to look at him, and I wished I wasn't sitting next to him. Needless to say, he did not get a good night kiss nor did I ever speak to him again! Sometimes these crazy instances make me wonder if the guy does it on purpose so you don't like him...
Jun 11th 2013

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