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It’s Saturday morning and you couldn’t imagine nicer beach weather.  You packed your bag the night before.  You’ve got your bathing suit on, all you need if your sun hat and you’re out the door.  You’ve been looking forward to this trip for a while now.  The last question on your mind is: “What should I fill the cooler with?”

Good question.  What makes a good beach snack?  Should you bring a meal?  Just a snack?  Drinks?  Well, let’s discuss the pros and cons of a few items.  As always, we welcome your comments and insights.  Share with everyone.  What is your favorite, “go-to” snack for the beach?

First off; what SHOULD you bring?  Well, of course the first thing on your list should be water.  You should never be caught at the beach without a decent amount of cold, drinkable water.  You’re outside, you’re baking in the sun – your body demands refreshment.  While a cold beer might sound like the perfect solution to your problem, we all know that alcohol only further dehydrates the body, leaving you in a worse position than you were in to begin with.  Sodas or sports drinks might also sound like a delicious option, however these also come with a huge amount of sugar and/or caffeine.  Stella’s Recommendation # 1: Stick with water.

Between catching waves and catching rays, you’ll also want to have something delicious to munch on.  Easy options include chips or other prepackaged snack foods, but they can often include high amounts of salt and/or sugar.  Again, an attractive option, but perhaps not the best available to you.  Stella’s Recommendation # 2: Fresh fruit is a must.  A tangerine or some grapes on a hot summer afternoon on the beach?  Yes, Please!  This is a relatively cheap option, and one that will not only be delicious but refreshing as well. 

Hungry for more than just fruit? – Bring some sandwiches.  Stella’s Recommendation # 3: Make your sandwiches beforehand.  Nothing will bring you down faster than the crunch of sand between your teeth.  YUCK!  It may seem like a great idea; “Let’s bring the cheese, sandwich meat, veggies, and bread separately – and make sandwiches at the beach”, but in my experience it hardly ever works out perfectly.  Prepare beforehand, for a more enjoyable beach experience.

Now, let’s talk about alcohol.

Of course, alcohol is most likely near the top of your beach list.  After all what is a summer beach party without a beer or margarita?  As Stella has always recommended – be sure to enjoy your alcohol in moderation.  Have your fun, be safe, and always designate a sober driver.  Stella’s Recommendation #4: Sprinkle a few non-alcoholic drinks into the mix, especially water.  On regular terms, a hangover can really be a thorn in your side.  After a day of intense sun and dehydration though, the effects of a hangover can last as long as a week.  Not my idea of a good time.  Spread the drinks out, and be weary of the time you spend in the sun.  If you’re smart, and you stay hydrated, you’ll be just fine.  Save the drinks for later in the evening, once the sun has gone, or is going, down.  You’ll be happier you did, when you wake up without a headache the following morning.

So, whatever beach you decide to hit up this summer; and whatever food/drink options you decide on bringing, Stella wishes everyone a wonderful and most of all relaxing and enjoyable summer season.

Happy Dating!

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