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Oh No!  It’s Friday afternoon, and you totally forgot!  You’re having friends over for a summer pool party on Saturday and you aren’t prepared.  It’s like that dream people always have of showing up to a class, only to find you have a big test that day that you haven’t studied for…and you’re in your underwear.  Anyway, no need to panic – miracles happen every day, surely some last minute snacks and party ideas shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

Rule number one – keep it light.  During the summer, not many people will want to eat a big heavy snack/meal, especially if the party is outdoors in the heat and sun of a summer afternoon.  In addition, make sure to stock up on plenty of cold water/refreshments as well as fruit.  Fruit is one of the easiest things you can serve at a party…it’s essentially already prepared once you buy it from the store.  It’s light, it’s delicious, and it’s easy.

Rule number two – drinking on an empty stomach is dangerous.  Contrary to rule number one, it actually might not be a bad idea to have some more substantial food items at this party – especially if alcohol is involved.  The last thing you want is for someone who doesn’t know when to say when, to drink way too much with only crackers and fruit to soak it up in his/her stomach.  Depending on the level of alcohol, consider burgers and dogs, or bbq chicken perhaps.  Something that won’t require a ton of effort, aside from some preparation the night before, but that is also delicious.

Rule number three – pick a theme.  “Pool Party” is alright, but it’s been done before.  If you want your guests to really have a great time, pick a theme and decorate/dress accordingly.  Why not a Hawaiian Luau themed party?  Coconut and pineapple drinks, plenty of bbq shrimp skewers, and of course a limbo stick.  Download a few Hawaiian themed music tracks, and pick up a grass skirt from your local costume store and you’ve got yourself one heck of a party!

Rule number four – set party boundaries.  This may seem childish…having to set ground rules for what can and CAN NOT happen at your party…but at the same time having friends or friends of friends…or friends of friends of friends, in your house unattended can be a little creepy.  Set the rules: Party stays outside, restrooms are located here, if you plan on drinking please don’t drive home, be mindful of the neighbors, and no food/drinks in the pool.  Get these rules out of the way once, so everyone is aware and you should be set.  We’re dealing with grown-ups right?  They’ll behave themselves…

Rule number five – last but certainly not least, HAVE FUN!  The person or people hosting the party have just as much of a right to let loose and have fun as everyone else.  It’s a party after all.  Invite some friends over who know how to work the grill or who have great taste in music.  Let them do some of the work for you.  Suggest that people bring an appetizer with them, to save on some of the food costs.  The entire load of this party doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders alone… your guests can help.  When it’s time to leave, don’t feel like you have to clean everything up yourself.  Politely ask if someone can help you carry some bags of trash to the curb.  Something as simple as that might spark others to help clean up a little themselves.  Before you know it, your place is spick and span…just like the party never happened.

So remember to have FUN but always BE SAFE when partying this summer.  Enjoy the beautiful weather, but remember to stay hydrated.  Happy Dating!

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