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The leaves are changing color.  The weather is getting cooler.  Fall is here.  I personally LOVE Autumn.  I’d say it’s my favorite season.  So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say that Halloween is also my favorite holiday.  I LOVE Halloween … love it!  I get to dress up, act like a kid, play games, eat candy and have fun.  Plus, I really like scary movies.  Well, not watching them alone – but with a group of friends.  Halloween is a great holiday to let loose and enjoy yourself, whether you have a significant other or if you’re single.

Regardless of the nature of the holiday, they all bring significant others closer together.  During Halloween for example, if you’re dating someone, maybe the two of you go to a party together.  You drink, you dance, you flirt.  Or, if you’ve been with someone for a while maybe you wear matching costumes.  You take pictures together and you share a fun evening.  When you’re ‘with’ someone, a holiday is just another opportunity to get close to that someone and build on what you’ve already developed.

What about for the single folks out there though.  What are they supposed to do on Halloween?  Well, firstly – don’t feel as though you’re alone.  There are plenty of people out there just like you looking to have some fun … and meet someone new, this Halloween.  All you need to do is make yourself available and keep an open mind. 

Parties, of course, are a great way to meet people.  Costume parties, like during Halloween, are an especially fun way to meet someone new.  Your costume is the ice breaker.  It’s a ton easier to start a conversation with someone when they’re wearing a “Where’s Waldo” costume, and you’re wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume.  You both look foolish … but that’s the point.  The ice is broken, so just dive in and have fun.

Be careful though.  Halloween parties tend to include alcohol, in one form or another.  As we all know, a little alcohol is a great social lubricant … but too much and you’ve got a problem.  So, be careful when you drink and flirt … regardless of the occasion.  Keep your mind sharp, but let yourself relax and have a good time.

The other thing that I feel warrants a mention is the notion that all women dress slutty on Halloween.  Some women do it to attract attention; others do it out of peer pressure.  Regardless the reason, this brings up a number of important points.  Men: don’t feel as though a woman is a certain way or is okay with a certain type of behavior just because of the way she is dressed on Halloween.  Many women enjoy dressing ‘sexy’ for Halloween, and they have every right.  That doesn’t mean, however, that they want to be talked to inappropriately or are immediately down to go home with you.  Women: Keep in mind that men are very visual beings.  They act and react to visual cues all day long.  So, when they see a scantily clad female, they will of course be intrigued.  Their intention may not be to insult, though that’s how the words may come out.  Cut the guy a little slack, but don’t compromise your principles.

So the party date is set.  You’re excited, because you know a special someone is going to be in attendance and you feel this get-together will be a perfect opportunity to break the ice and show that you’re interested in something more than just casual friendship.  The problem:  you don’t have a costume!  Don’t fret – you still have time.  As a last resort, you can always go and get a store-bought costume.  Those tend to lack in originality, but when you’re in a pinch they can be your best option.  I personally like to make my own costumes, but that may not be for everyone.  Still, with a little creativity and a few trips to the craft-store/Halloween store you can make an amazing costume that will be the center of all conversation deep into November.  Without getting into specifics, think about characters on television or movies.  Who would you like to be?  Ask yourself if you’d like to go as something funny or something scary.  Try mixing and matching.  Go as a zombie clown or a nerdy vampire.  It’s all about having fun and showing off your creativity.  There are literally no wrong answers … aside from not wearing a costume at all of course.

So, as always, I hope that you have a wonderful time this Halloween.  Be safe and be smart, but enjoy yourself at the same time.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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