Tips For Singles
When you're single, the thought of being alone on Valentine's Day can be very dreadful. There you have your friends who are in a relationship planning and expecting dinners and flowers, all the stores are full of heart-shaped balloons and candy, and those coworkers of yours will be getting amazing bouquets, but you have no plans.

As with most holidays, if you're not in a relationship or are not dating, it can feel pretty lonesome to think that you may be all alone on the day that everyone seems to be having fun.

But although we can't replace a real celebration with a significant other, we sure can find ways to enjoy this day as much as we can.

Here are 7 tips for you:

  1. Don't stress and don't pressure yourself. Media and retailers overhype this day. It's all made for people to spend money. Just tell yourself it's a day like any other and that it's not that special after all. The best thing is to ignore its whole existence.

  2. Plan an activity for yourself that has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. For example, you could go on a hike with your dogs. If you're at work during the day, go home when you're done and relax, or get busy doing something fun. Treat yourself to a cool new movie on a DVD, or start a new book, or get yourself a fun gadget to play with. Reward and love yourself.

  3. Finally get that project done. Is there a project you've been wanting to accomplish but never seem to have the time. Well, take an evening to work on it. Whether it's repairing something or starting your novel, get in the flow and just do it. Your mind will be focused on something actually pleasurable and you won't be sulking for being alone. And once you've launched yourself, you'll be doubly satisfied for accomplishing this task and enjoying it.

  4. Write a list of goals for this year. If you haven't made any New Year's resolutions, here is your second chance. But you could actually be a little introspective and write some *positive* love goals for this year, so that next year you may have someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with. But make sure to create action points. Goals on paper are not enough. It's  actually important to outline specific steps or tactics so that you can feel you are progressing. This could include anything from going out more, to expanding your social circle, to trying new venues, to getting that dating course or coach, to reading up on self-help books as a way to learn about yourself.

  5. Cook yourself a nice dinner. Be creative and celebrate the things that make you different from others. It could be that you're more unique and so it's harder for you to find a good match. Or maybe you're picky and hey, you've avoided some bad situations thanks to being selective. Or it's possible that you're still working on who you are and what you want from life, and so it's normal you haven't found the right person to be with.

  6. Celebrate Valentine's Day a couple of days early. Maybe you have a friend of the opposite sex and you're both single. Well, why not going to a nice restaurant as friends, but a couple of days before the Day. Just enjoy and have fun on this casual celebration. You don't even need to talk about it. Just view it as a nice time with a friend and that you're not alone after all.

  7. Volunteer. Just like with other holidays, there are always people in need. Do a good deed and you will feel better about yourself. This will be such an uplifting experience that it may give you a boost of self-confidence and who knows, you could meet someone while volunteering. So go to that shelter and serve food, or just help a person in need.

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