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It seems that in our fast-paced society, that's so oriented on making money and suppressing one's feelings, the real romance in relationships quickly gets lost.

While Europeans make a point of enjoying their lives and embracing romance, sensuality and feelings, the U.S. tends to quickly attribute those to 'girly' behavior in men if they dare to display those. And while some guys really do make an effort in that arena, lots of them think that by drinking beer in a bar, being loud and 'manly', it will make them attractive to prospective mates.

This is furthest from the truth, and the sooner guys awaken to it, the faster things will start improving for them.

See, women are inherently touchy-feely, love lots of attention, romance, expression of feelings, emotions and sensuality. But these really don't need to be only female attributes. Each one of us has some of the masculine and some of the feminine inside of us. It's the complementarities and the balance of both sides that make for an attractive individual, and for an attractive couple.

And while a big chunk of our daily lives is determined by rational factors, we seem to forget that relationships by definition are not rational. If they were, they would be as easy as let's say getting a job, passing an exam or washing your car.

No, relationships are not rational. Feelings are not rational. Emotions are not rational.

If guys try to suppress all of this because it seems to them that they will seem weak or girly, they are plain wrong. And to many guys' surprise, actually being more eloquent at expressing your feelings and emotions will give you more power in the relationship. You will gain more respect and eventually it will be more beneficial to your relationship.

Unfortunately, many fall for the illusion that machoness is attractive because it gives an aura of strength. Not true. Leadership gives an aura of strength, not coldness, bossiness or rational behavior.

Instead of leaving girls frustrated and also missing out on some of the real pleasures of being with someone, think of opening up. No tiger will swallow you! Nothing will happen to you! And a big chunk of the world has been doing it for a whole long time already! If they can do it, why shouldn't you?

And another advantage. Since many are still behind the curve on that, think how you will stand out if you do embrace this side of dating and relationships. You will be a man with many more attractive qualities that women are looking for. And you'll be able to get to greater depths in your dealings with them! So, be a man and express yourself!

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