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How does that old saying go?  “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”  You’ve heard that before, right?  It’s a very famous book written by well known relationship counselor John Gray.  If you have the time, I highly recommend you check it out.  Essentially the idea is that Men are different from Women.  Big shock there, I know.  We think differently, we act differently, we REact differently, we look different, we have different likes/dislikes, we’re just different.  It is these differences though, that attract us to one another.  We appreciate a yin to our yang, an up to our down, a left to our right.  We have our own set of experiences but it’s nice to have someone else who can complement our lives, with something new and/or different.

Still, enough can’t be said about how comforting it is to share something with someone else, to have the same affinity toward something, to enjoy the same things.  It’s often this shared middle ground that can spark or rekindle a relationship, after which the aforementioned differences can be presented and appreciated.

So…why am I bringing this up now?  Two words:  March Madness.

For the most part, on some level no matter the person’s gender or how they were raised, athletic competition is at least somewhat entertaining.  Of course, some people enjoy it more than others, but I don’t think there are many people out there who completely and utterly hate sports.  Maybe you don’t participate yourself, but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy watching others.  Maybe you don’t have season tickets, but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy watching a game or two on television every once in a while.  Maybe you don’t really care all that much about the local professional team’s record, but you do check the paper every so often to see how your alma mater is doing.

It’s just natural.  Sports, games, competition – they were created for our enjoyment.  Now again, sports may not be as big a part of your life as they are for others, but that’s just fine.  According to traditional gender differences, women may not find sports as entertaining as their male counterparts.  However, specifically during March Madness, why not throw some excitement into your relationship by sharing this interest with your significant other.

Mid-March marks the beginning of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) men’s basketball tournament.  The 64 best college teams in the country compete against one another in hopes of eventually calling themselves champion.  During these few weeks, not much else on television matters.  March Madness takes over, as people around the world watch to see how far THEIR team can go. 

Stella Suggests:  Women; even if basketball isn’t your “thing”, why not make the effort to share March Madness with a special guy.  As they say, “a little effort can go a long way.”  Find out what team he follows.  What college did he go to?  Is his team still in the tournament?  Read up a little on the team’s regular season ups and downs, and check out an article or two regarding what the experts say is their NCAA tournament destiny. 

-          Do they have it in them to go all the way?

-          Does one of their starting players have difficulty performing in the clutch?

-          Any significant injuries that might change the tenor of the game?

Again, no one is asking you to devote your life to the game, just a few hours here and there.  Show some interest in something that he enjoys, and he may in turn show interest in something that you enjoy.  In my opinion, March Madness is a great time to break the ice.  The opportunity is there, you just need to seize it.

The NCAA tournament isn’t the only way to do this though.  Obviously there are any number of things that you can share with someone else, as a way to gain their interest.  The point is to make an effort and go out on a limb.  Sometime you may fall, but other times you’ll succeed and reach higher than you would have originally thought.  So, get out there and give it a shot.

Happy March Madness Dating!

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