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As we've entered the 21st century and are rapidly transitioning into the Age of Aquarius, a massive consciousness shift is happening. People try to be better, nicer, deeper and more compassionate. Love is at the forefront of everything we do (at least we try to keep it that way). And we try to help one another as much as we can.

While not everybody tries to be this way or even cares, a whole lot more people care now than let's say 20 or 30 years ago. It's a lot more common now to talk about psychics, life coaches, mediums, karma, life after death, the spirit world, your life path etc. There are a lot more shows and movies that cover or include these subjects. It's becoming much more mainstream.

So, what has happened? Well, these New Age phenomena are occurring as we are shifting into a more compassionate and loving world. This is happening thanks to the transition to the Age of Aquarius, from the prior Piscean Age. The Piscean Age was characterized by the industrial revolution and the search for material comfort. While the vast majority of people are still preoccupied with their material success and competition, many more are now looking for a deeper meaning in life. And this change has been helped by a 'new' generation of people, called the Indigos.

What are Indigo people? They actually have been born on earth in the past century, but lately many more of them have been arriving. The average person is not very familiar with them and the indigos themselves tend to have a different, and healthier, view of the world or at least of how it should be.

Here are 10 characteristics of Indigos. Are you one?

  • Very Sensitive

Indigos are much more sensitive than the average person. This is an advantage and a curse at the same time. The pluses of being very sensitive is that it makes you more compassionate and more in tune with others' feelings, helping you recognize signs of distress sooner than most. But because of this, things that may not affect a normal person, may affect an indigo soul. You are like a sponge that picks up positive as well as negative energies around you. Be sure to be cognizant of that and find ways to release stress and emotional fatigue.

  • Lie Detector/Intuitive

You are a natural lie detector and are very intuitive. Even when people are friendly or polite, you immediately know whether they are telling the truth or not, whether they are genuine or not. Sometimes people on the outside notice that and may be a bit intimidated by you as they think you have a 6th sense, which in a way you do. But this really serves you well and helps you navigate life's challenges.

  • Disdain for Authority and Rules

Since you are very intuitive, you know what's right and what's wrong. And when that's the case, you will not beat around the bush, even if others may say that you need to follow the rules or someone's orders. It makes no sense to you to do something that is totally ridiculous and not for the common good.

  • You Hate Manipulation and Are Very Honest

You find that all the manipulation and backstabbing, especially what you see at work, is a pure waste of energy. It does not benefit anyone and puts people at odds with each other, instead of creating a cohesive and efficient work environment. You pride yourself in efficiency and intelligence and do not like wasting time on silly gossip or politics.

  • Rebellious

Because many structures and rules in the society are plain ridiculous, you tend to rebel against the traditional norms and conservative etiquette. You find them outdated and slowing down the really important processes. You will oppose authority if whatever it is dictating, whether it's at work, in society or in politics, doesn't serve the good of the people. Because of this, it may be hard for you to sustain a successful career.

  • Egalitarian

It bugs you that there are hierarchical structures in place, especially when people in power have gotten to these positions in unethical ways. You are much more for equality for all people, finding that everyone deserves the same chances and cannot stand it when undeserving people make it to the top.

  • Ethical

You are very ethical and quickly recognize structures that are not. Because it bothers you that people are getting away with that, you naturally strive to break those structures down. This can quickly put you at odds with others. But it's also a good lesson for those less pure souls.

  • Energy Reader and More

You are excellent at picking up people's energies and intentions, whether good or bad. Almost no one can fool you and you see through people quickly. This is similar to the lie detector/intuitive characteristic. Many have psychic or mediumistic powers, many are healers or guides. But you don't have to have these powers in a very extreme way. The fact that you are more sensitive than average helps you tune into people and situations much faster than an average person.

  • Out of Place

You often feel out of place in this world, almost like an alien or as if you're from another planet. And you maybe are… The fact is, only a very small portion of the population is Indigo. Everyone else is still enslaved in the brainwashing of the society that you need to be successful outwardly in order to say you've succeeded in your life. In your opinion, material success is nothing. You search for a deeper meaning in life.

  • Deeper Meaning

Yes, you are looking for deeper connections, love relationships on a soul level and are very in tune with the fact that we are all one and that there is no need to compete. You are peace loving and feel that when you help your brother, you're helping the whole world.

Indigos' mission is to usher in a new world, a world based on loving energies, ethical values, sharing and compassion. It may be a slow process, but we will get there eventually. We are changing the vibration of this earth and one by one, affecting even those that do not resonate with those more sensitive and higher energies.

So, are you an Indigo? Tell us, we'd love to know!

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