Dating Advice For Men
As we're well underway into the 21st century, you may have noticed that spirituality and New Age materials and thinking are more and more making their way into people's minds and hearts.

Traditionally, men have not really had to be in touch with their softer or more spiritual side. The society has pushed men to be the providers and ambitious career people, leaving the field of feelings and emotions to women.

All that is changing now. Not only are men embracing their more feminine side, women are demanding to see that side.

That's why it is a big plus when a man can 'talk' spirituality with a woman when dating or when in a relationship.

You see, as a man, you probably pride yourself on your success and practicality, logic and mental prowess. But to more deeply connect in relationships, that is not enough. When you are building a connection with a woman, whether dating or looking for something more serious, you need to connect with your emotional side, not with your rational mind. Leave the rational mind at work.

It may be strange to believe that if you actually let your emotional side out, you will be able to get many more women to like you than if you sit and behave in a closed-off manner. And a big plus is if you can talk about spiritual subjects with your date.

Those spiritual subjects include talking about how to live from a place of love, how to follow your intuition, how to respect and give and how to make the world a better place. These are all opposites of selfishness, taking care of your needs first, demanding that someone caters to you or not willing to understand the other person.

More and more women are saying that when they meet a man, if they are able to see that he's done some work on himself, the relationship is so much better. It doesn't matter whether you've read self-help books, gone to therapy, tried hypnosis or are just plainly learning from the people around you how to become a better person. All these will be beneficial not just to you and the women you're meeting, but it will actually help with attracting and keeping the women you would like.

If you can talk about these subjects openly with someone, it will bring you light years ahead of the average guy who talks about football. So pay attention to this and don't underestimate the powers of being more spiritual and becoming a better person every day. Be guided by love and intuition, and the world will be yours!

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By Stella Belmar


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