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So, you’ve been dating your current girlfriend for a few months now. And no matter how much time you spend with her, you just can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right. Some days it feels like she is all about you and other days she acts as if she can’t stand to be around you. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you notice every time she talks about her ex-boyfriend her mood changes for the positive.  It is time to face your worst fear. Let’s discuss a few signs that indicate your girlfriend may still be hung up on her ex.

Sign # 1: She Mentions Him…a Lot

Some people think this rule applies to any mention of her ex at all- not true. After all, he was probably a major part of her life, and she’s got every right to bring him up from time to time. But if she makes a lot of references to him- if he liked certain music, a particular movie, or activity, you should start be concerned.

Sigh #2: A Whole Lot of Contact

Again, this rule can’t be taken too far: having vague, friendly contact with an old partner shouldn’t be treated as unusual. But if she’s still got him on all her social media websites, as well as a speed dial on her phone, and is constantly chatting with him through one form or another, the signs aren’t good. Typically she will try to down play or justify the amount of contact that she’s having with him. This is another clear indicator she is still hung up on her ex.

Sign #3: She Goes Hot and Cold

If you’re with a girl who seems super interested in a relationship one minute, and really distant the next, it could be that she’s still more interested in seeing whether her ex wants to get back together than she is in hanging out with you. When things seem to be going badly with the ex, she’ll be all over you and want to go on dates and spend time together; if things are going well, she suddenly go cold as her attention is directed elsewhere.

Sign #4: She’s Difficult to Pin Down

Similar to the above point, if you find yourself struggling to pin down a day that you’ll go to dinner, or struggling to get hold of her through text or online, it might be because she’s trying to keep her options open for someone else- her ex, specifically. And if you find yourself being cancelled on at short notice all the time with shifty excuses, your doubts might be justified.

Sing #5: She Gets Jealous About Him

This is probably the most cut-and-dry sign; if you find your new girl getting upset or acting jealous when she finds out that her ex has moved on and found someone new, it might be that it’s because she was hoping that he’d end up back with her instead.  A little competition between exes is normal for a small period of time, but long-running jealousy can be an indicator that she’s not over him.

Someone being hung up on their ex isn’t unusual, but it’s certainly not the time for them to be rushing into a new relationship with you. If you’re worried that your new lover is still into their last one, you’re perfectly within your rights to bring it up with them. Just be prepared for some serious denials. It’s up to you whether or not you believe them…

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