Dating Advice for Men

Here are some basic rules to go by on your dates with women. Of course, every situation is different and everyone has their own style. But women still have many things in common. Just as men have their genetic predispositions that everyone knows about, so do women. So, it may be very helpful to keep those in mind when dating.

1. Always pay for the first date and as often as possible. While it's important to see if the girl also would like to participate once in a while, you don't want to come off as a cheap date. This is not about being materialistic but more about providing the women with a sense of security and leadership on your part. Women are always looking for a provider - it's genetically programmed in them. So, drop this idea of women-users and view them instead as also looking for things that they are genetically programmed to pay attention to.

2. Be clean, shaved and cut your nails short. If any of those are not very well taken care of, you may send off an immediate turn-off to your girl. You can even sprinkle some extra cologne. Trust me, it will be a nice little bonus.

3. Make plans in advance and call in advance. In line with the  first point, women also like a man who's reliable, organized and can keep his word. These are some of the very basic characteristics of a real man, in the eyes of a woman. So pay attention to those.

4. Make jokes, be flirtatious, but not pushy! There is a big difference between making little jokes, small sarcastic comments and little teases vs. showing sexual innuendo right away. You need to approach a woman with gentleness and a sensual side, but not in an obvious way. So, be friendly, fun and flirtatious. Don't be vulgar, pushy or cursy.

5. Be confident and follow-up! This drives home the same point of showing that you are a reliable man and know what you want. Women find it very sexy to feel that a guy has confidence and knows what he wants. Many men overlook this little piece of valuable information.


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