By Stella Belmar

Growing and evolving in this world seems to have become a complicated phenomenon. People are faced with so many challenges on a daily basis and one goes to wonder if anyone has any time left to pay attention to who they are.

However, that's really key to become a healthy member of today's society. If you're motivated to improve yourself, to expand your mind and to see what else is out there, I would suggest you pick up a couple of spiritual or inspirational books and read them. Many of those are listed in the Resources section of our site.

Just a few names come to mind: "The Road Less Traveled", "Conversations With God", "The Power of Now" and several others.

When you pick up a book, try to absorb what you read internally. Let yourself 'feel' what the book is saying and incorporate some of the ideas into your life. It may take you a few books to really get the hang of it, but trust me, you'll be glad you went down this path. Over time, you'll really get the big picture.

Reading self-help and personal growth books really expands your horizons. I wish someone presented me with a list when I was on this road.

But the more you read and learn, the more aware you'll become of yourself, the society that surrounds you, what you need in life and what to look for in others. It's an amazing transformation and worth living!


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