Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this site for?

This site is for singles over 18 who are looking to mingles with other like-minded singles and to get answers to situations they encounter while being single.

What kind of answers will I find here?

You will find answers in the categories of dating, relating, personal growth, self help, business and wellness from other singles and from our own experience.

Who answers my questions?

Members of the site will post answers to your questions. Usually these are single people, but married people are welcome if they feel they have some interesting advice to share. You can choose to communicate further with members via their profile's email.

What is the Advice section?

Here, we provide in a blog format some of our experiences and lessons we've learned while being single. Also, from time to time, we feature other authors, speakers, coaches and experts in the respective fields to provide you with interesting information.

What is the Resource section?

Here, we are providing you with resources in terms of books, CDs, DVDs, conferences, seminars and other multimedia stuff that we think are useful while being single. We've used several of those and really enjoyed them. Every time we got bits and pieces of helpful info from them that has helped us shape our lives. We hope you'll find them useful while deciding which ones would be a good fit for each of you individually. We do not push you to spend any money on any of those, but they are there for you if you're interested.

Is membership free?

Yes, your membership in the site is free. However, if you decide to purchase any of the resources or products and services that are advertised, you will be taken to a third-party site where you can pay for the respective products.

How do I post a question?

To post a question, you will first need to become a member of the site. Membership is free.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask questions in the areas of dating & relating, personal growth, business, wellness and 'everything else'.

Where do the 'everything else' questions appear?

These appear under the Community tab near the bottom of the screen.

Why are you asking for my date of birth when I sign up for membership?

We need to make sure you're over 18 to view or use this site. If you're not, you are prohibited from using this site. Please refer to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more detail.

Where do I find your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

You can find both in the footer at the bottom of each page. Also, you will find an additional link to both when you click on the About page in the top navigation bar.

Who posts blog content on the site?

We post content on the site that is derived from our personal experience and opinions about a particular subject. From time to time, we may also post articles and reviews by other authors, experts and coaches. All information is provided to you for general purposes only and you may use it at your own risk. Please refer to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information.

Why did I not get a sign-up confirmation email?

Some Internet Service Providers block some of the emails or send them to spam. Please make sure to check your spam folder and let us know if you are having problems creating a new profile.

What if I have more questions that are not covered in this FAQ?

Please send us an email at and we'll try to answer it as best as we can.


Featured Resources

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