Dec 24th 2010
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I'm wondering if I was meant to live in England.
My North Node is in Leo.
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I think if your North Node is in Leo it means that you are better off in a warmer country so England may not be that good of a choice (don't quote me on that but I think I heard that). But if you like England so much, take trips over there and see if some opportunity pops up to relocate. Maybe you'll meet some friends or something.

Yes. You should live in England.

Thanks Amanda! I moved to Atlanta from NYC in 2007 (right now--Jan 11--it's more like Ukrainian Georgia!) for a warmer social and professional climate. Hasn't happened. I lived most of my life in eastern NC, but that dried up for me personally in the '90's. I was really upset about a significant other in BC, Canada when I wrote that first question, but that situation has vastly improved. She's an Aquarius rising (Scorpio Sun like me), so my IC/South Node are in her Ist house. I may soon be a Canadian on the PacRim! (She can't leave BC). I'm told on good authority that as a Canadian citizen I also have British citizenship. Love is the province (pardon pun) of Leo, and the 14-year Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is in my 5th house.

The North Node is where the Moon crosses the ecliptic on your birthday. It tells you your best-choice path in life (your "strength" if you like Marcus Buckingham). My North Node is in my career house (X) in Leo. I'm a singer/bassist heavily influenced by the British Invasion. I just posted 4 Christmas videos on my Facebook page, all by Brits. The Lion is the heraldic symbol of England. I've really been an Anglo-phile since 1974. My life in North America is quite barren, and has been for some time.

What's a North Node? If you were meant to live there or not, you can only find out by traveling and seeing other places. Maybe by getting out you'll meet someone new. I also moved and while it was scary at first, I'm very glad I did. But remember though, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

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