Dec 25th 2010
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What do you all think of dating multiple partners at once? It seems that it's OK for guys to do that, but do guys actually accept that from women?
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I personally think it's fine for a girl to date multiple partners. But one way to look at it is, men are like keys and women are like locks. A key that can open multiple locks, that's one damn useful key. But a lock that can be opened by many keys? That's a pretty useless lock. Lol just one way to see it.

Call me old fashioned but as far as I'm concerned, unacceptable on any level...male, female, doesn't matter. It's a no-no.

it depends on the person. every person is different but you will find out about me during the chat session lol.

I'm a polyamorous male, and I actually prefer women that are as well; They're much more FUN! MY definition of "cheating" is when you love someone else, but you don't love me too (or stop loving me). It's not cheating 'til you dump me. As a Double Skorpion/Moon in Taurus/Venus is Scorpio I'm way more intensely OB-sessive than posessive.

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