Jan 10th 2011
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Okay, my New Years resolution to stop eating junk has already gone awry. I just can't seem to resist and once I eat one I end up eating the whole bag/box etc.
There has to be a way out of this vicious cycle....help!
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Throw all the junk away and replace it with fruit, dry fruit or banana's. Also, I've read that if you take a small dosis of Chromium (in a capsule) daily, it will curb your appetite. I used to have the same problem but the combo of Chromium and only keeping somewhat healthy foods helped me. Also, try to eat less.

Turn it into a game. You only get to have 3 cookies a week. You have to pick and choose when you get them. If you go over, you need to punish yourself though. Not in a crazy way, just something to show yourself that you mean business. If you cheat, you can't go out partying the next weekend. If you have an extra cookie - you have to walk during lunch instead of eating comfortably at your desk.

Most americans are slowly becoming diabetic because of their diet and lack of exercise. It is almost impossible to stop eating the wrong way until you get your blood sugar levels under control. You are probably on a blood sugar roller coaster leading to cravings and lack of control. To lose weight start eating more. Switch to a protein diet and eat smaller meals every two hours. Eggs, meats, cheeses, vegs, and quality oils. The key is that protein converts to sugar very slowly so your blood sugar will even out rising and falling slowly rather than spiking & crashing. Snacking at night is necessary. You need to eat enough protein before bed to keep blood sugar levels up as they slowly drop off during the long hours of sleep. Again, breakfast is very important to refuel. When you manage your blood sugar, you will not have cravings for junk food. Keep fats (real butter, quality oils) in your diet, your body runs most efficiently on fat. Normal weight is a result of eating well

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