Jan 10th 2011
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So I love watching "What Not to Wear" but I have a beef with Stacy London saying you can't wear mini skirts after 35. Am I alone here?
I'm all for dressing your age, but I say a mini can be flattering on someone over 35 if worn correctly...AND if they have the figure for it, right?
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That is totally ridiculous. If you enjoy wearing those, go ahead and wear them. There are no rules, it's whatever makes you feel good.

It's all about the legs; if you have great legs, go mini. I've seen some great looking ladies who were well past 35 and they looked spectacular :-) Go for it!

Good taste is the rule, not age! If you have the legs for it, why not? As long as you're not 50-something trying to look 20-something, now that's ridiculous.

I agree. I think you can wear it till your 40s if you have a good figure for it. I do find it rather unattractive people who wear really short skirts if they are overweight or too old. But 35 is not too old!

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