Jan 11th 2011
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Changing careers since the mortgage business is now in the toilet. I found the perfect job for my experience, but I don't know what to do to get noticed? HELP!
I've sent in a resume, I've contacted everyone I know, I've sent a personal email to the department head showing all of my experience in the toy industry and movie industry. THIS IS A PERFECT JOB AND I WANT IT. Yes, I should be patient, but in a time where we can in the front door because of WHO WE KNOW instead of one's qualification, WHAT CAN I DO TO GET NOTICED??????
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I would call the head of that department and ask (insist politely) to meet because you are so good that the company would be at a loss if they didn't meet/hire you. You can tell them that you are aware that they probably have lots of resumes from other people but try to really make a point out of selling yourself and that they really need you. Remember, it's not about YOU needing them or thinking it's a perfect job for YOU, it's about convincing them that THEY need you and that it they don't grab you soon, they'll miss out. Really try to position yourself in a strong spot and not a weak spot. Make them think that you have other job options or offers but that you really like their firm and due to your EXCELLENT experience you much rather work with them and for them than for someone else. Good luck~!

I agree with Elgin. It's tough but if you're really determined, go for it. However, I wouldn't also get so obsessed with it as to ignore other opportunities that may come your way. Try to still diversify your search, while pursuing this one.

It is difficult enough these days to find a job in the same industry as you've been working, and changing industries has a built-in lack of credibility. You already have one strike against you. Someone would naturally think, "if he was so good in the toy and movie industry, why was he in real-estate?" Even if they could overcome that objection, the next one is that you are likely not current, otherwise you would know people in the industry. To get noticed you must rise above the noise. Talk is noise. It's time to pull out the stops and start doing something different. Ever seen "Secret of My Success"? Use action instead of words. Do your homework and find a way in. Volunteer to work for free to prove yourself. Find a project they are working on and contribute your own original work for free in exchange for an opportunity. Get radical, put yourself at risk to rise above the noise. You don't have anything to lose, and you might just succeed!

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