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I finally watched "The Social Network" and I must say that it was riveting, but I can't believe how badly things went wrong amongst best friends....
Has anyone here ever gone into business with a friend? If so, how did it go, or how is it going?
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I agree with Erikk. It's risky going into business with a friend or family member. I've seen only a few out of many make it, however the one's that do are very rewarding and fulfilling for them. I have a friend that went into business with her then boyfriend and now they have an incredible business and marriage. If you think that you can keep work separate from your friendship, and there is a deep respect for each other, it's a risk that could be worth taking.

Going into business with a close friend of relative rarely works out well. In the professional world, you need to be stern and decisive. Decisions need to be made, and sometimes you have to be harsh. It is difficult to do this if you are personally connected with the person who you are making these decisions with. For the same reason, I urge those thinking about dating a co-worker to stop and re-think things.

Thank you Erikk for the feedback.

From my experience, never associate yourself with a partner. I have seen too many friendships fail because of different styles of running a business, people getting greedy, dishonest or just plain unpleasant to deal with. I'm sure some partnerships survive, but I think the risks are greater than the benefits.

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