Apr 5th 2011
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My roommate won't stop leaving food outside for this pesky cat. She wants to keep it in our apartment & I hate cats. How can I make it go away & stay away?
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Well, you have to be assertive with this person! Here is what you should be doing: 1. Ask yourself how you feel about this and write it down. 2. prepare your asserting sentences like this : I feel ....... when you feed the cat this way because it ....... , please do it somewhere else. 3. Don't forget to listen carefully to the other person, you should also have empathy, and try to find a mutual solution.

Well you are lucky that the cat isn't living indoors, just make sure it stays that way. If it only comes by to eat, then there's no harm...if it hangs out and is in your way, then talk to her about it. Sam's idea of putting it farther away is pretty solid.

I don't like cats either. But to be fair to her, propose that she put the food somewhere farther, like in the courtyard or on the side of the building or something. That way she's still getting to feed the cat but you don't need to see it.

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