Apr 12th 2011
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I'm turning 30 this year and have no idea what I should do. Do you have any suggestions? What did you do for your 30th, or other milestone, birthday?
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The dirty thirty! That's a great birthday. Celebrate it with a bang! I recently went to Vegas for a girlfriend's 30th and it was awesome!! StingFan is right, a staycation is a great option too. Whatever you do, take loads of pictures!

My 30th birthday was fantastic. My girlfriends booked a staycation and we spent the whole weekend painting the town red like we were 21 again. I think if you have the time and money, going away is a great idea. But, staycations are always a great option too. Either way have a great time and spend it with those you love, it is a milestone and a memory that will last a lifetime!

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