Apr 12th 2011
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What's your opinion of co-signing a auto loan with your significant other that isn't a spouse?
3 Answers - Answer by StingFan

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I would say be very very careful. It all depends who the loan is for but remember that you may be responsible for their payments and you'll be surprised how quickly things can go wrong. I would only do it if you really know and trust the person and are expecting to be together for a long long time. Otherwise, find other ways of setting up the loan, maybe a long-term friend that you know will be around if things don't pan out with your significant other.

I agree with "Sofiagirl." You may love this person very much, but you never know. you'd hate to get into trouble with this sort of thing. I'd say "don't do it."

I think that's a big no-no. Regardless of how long your relationship lasts, money can cause a whole bunch of problems. It's best to stay away from having a friend or boyfriend co-signing anything. Check out your other options, or turn to family.

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