Apr 13th 2011
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Has anyone ever gone on a Theme Cruise? What about a Singles Cruise? And what are your thoughts on them?
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Thanks, everyone. StingFan - that link was very helpful, thanks!!

A singles cruise is considered a theme cruise - and it can be a blast!! A girlfriend and I went on one a couple of years back and it was one of the best vacations I've been on. I found this site for you to check out about singles cruises: Let us all know how it goes!!

I've heard bad things about theme cruises, it can get pretty "weird" and some people take it to an extreme. I'd say stick to a singles cruise or check out some singles vacation hot spots.

I haven't either, but I think if you take a girlfriend along for the fun you will have a great time. Make sure it's stopping at some sweet spots you're interested in checking out.

I have never gone on one, but I've heard they can be pretty neat and you definitely meet a lot of other people. I would research it carefully though so that you're going with a good quality company. Have fun!

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