Apr 18th 2011
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Does anyone have any good tips on some DIY projects for my bedroom? I particularly need a headboard and a way to store my shoes.
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Ikea has some great solutions for shoe storage, and really reasonably priced. I use old shoe boxes and take a snapshot of each shoe, then print them at home and tape them on the box. Helps finding the pair I want really quickly!

I totally dig those stickers you can put on walls. I've seen them at IKEA and other places. That would be a pretty cool headboard, or just decoration.

I made a really awesome headboard. Get a big square/rectangle of Wood measured to your bed. Measure some Batting (try Joann Fabrics) and staple gun it to the wood. Pick a fabric you love and measure it to the headboard, allow for a little room and staple gun it to the back. You can also use stencils on a one-color pattern to make it more unique. My headboard was easy to make and cost me under $30! good luck!

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