Apr 21st 2011
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What's the purpose of using twitter for business? I still haven't wrapped my head around it and thought I'd see if anyone here can sum it up quickly for me.
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Twitter can be a very useful tool if used properly. The Adolphus hotel in Dallas, TX is a great example:!/theadolphus. They don't just "tweet" about their hotel or self promote, they dive into Dallas and the travel industry. This helps user interaction and people are actually interested in what they have to say. Some retail shops talk about just their products, while others discuss retail & fashion on a broader scale. Those people have it right!

Easy publicity. You have to do very little, and you can get your brand name in front of so many people. There is a bunch of work to do in the beginning - befriending the right people and crafting the best message, but after that its just as easy as typing and hitting "post."

It's another way of bringing attention to, and enhancing the perception of, your brand / product / service, especially if your tweets are entertaining, interesting, or provide useful info to your target audience. You do run the risk of potentially damaging the reputation of your brand / product / service if your tweets are boring, irritating, etc.

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