Apr 21st 2011
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I'm nervous about physically meeting with a girl I met online. Where should our first "date" be? Any suggestions on what we should do? Where we should go?
I've spoken to this girl online, but never on the phone. We know each other pretty well, in my opinion, but there is still that doubt in my mind. What if she's crazy? What if she's nothing like she describes herself to be (personality wise)?
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A meal is always a safe bet and you really get to know the person. One thing I suggest is saying you only have "such and such" amount on time BEFORE you meet, that way you have a "finishing" time. If you like her, you can always plan for a second date, but this way you're not stuck making small talk with someone you have no chemistry with.

Go somewhere in public, but where you can talk. When meeting someone online I prefer lunch to dinner, it's usually a quicker meal so if there's no connection you can bail....and if it's awesome and you guys are having a great time it can last as long as you want. Many girls are crazy, but you can't wonder about that every time you go out with a girl. Just play it by ear, take it slow and enjoy it. I always tell my friends - if it doesn't work on with that date, they probably have single friends and maybe you'll make a good friendship out of it! Have fun!

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